App Defaults - version anglaise.


Hemispheric Views, a podcast I haven’t tried yet had in its last episode a discussion about app defaults that led to many to blog about their App Defaults.

📨 on macOS and on iOS. Though I might as well use to a larger degree. I read email. I seldom have to respond to email.
📮 Based on previous answer, Fastmail is my kinda host. 📝 for the most part. But I also try to use Drafts. Depends on what the need is.
📷 But I like Obscura and Halide.
📁 iCloud Drive. 📖 Feedbin for sync, Reeder on macOS, Unread på iGadgets. Unread is close to being the ideal rss reader for me.
🌐 Arc is backup.
💬 Depends on who I am communicating with. But has reduced it to, Signal and Slack.
🔖 Raindrop, but still paying for Pinboard (paid for more than year some while ago). I sync Raindrop to Pinboard via IFTTT
📑 Matter.
📜 BBEdit.
📈 Excel.
📊 I don’t have to present things. But if I do need, probably
🛒 Oda.
🍴 Oda.
💰 The app from my bank.
📰 I pay for multiple subscriptions to newssites, both foreign and domestic.
🎤 Used to be Overcast for many year, but currently trying to appreciate
🔐 1Password. But I’m close to trying to switch to iCloud Keychain.