Later, he would explain himself this way: “I never really understood the symbol of the swastika. I knew it was wrong to plaster it somewhere. I didn’t learn exactly what [the Nazis] were doing to the Jews until I went to the Holocaust Museum. I never learned that they were mutilated. I knew that they were, like, burned. But I never learned that they had experiments done on them, were injected with diseases. The school didn’t include that. They just included the burning and the train cars.”

His understanding of the KKK was limited, too, he said. “Some people think it’s just a word, or a symbol or three letters put together. . . . But they were lynching people, hurting people for no good reason.”

Det kan jo virke som om det er noen mangler vedrørende pensum i amerikanske skoler. Eventuelt den litt mer sannsynlige, at empati er en mangelvare, både hos disse og de fleste andre. Eller kanskje den enkleste. Rasistiske rasister som gjorde rasistiske ting.

Synes denne er ganske universiell. Man er hva man gjør.

Teen hate crime: Swastikas, racist graffiti divide a Maryland high school - Washington Post