Hvorfor man glemmer av det man har lest


Sikkert mange som lider av det samme.

It’s true that people often shove more into their brains than they can possibly hold. Last year, Horvath and his colleagues at the University of Melbourne found that those who binge-watched TV shows forgot the content of them much more quickly than people who watched one episode a week. Right after finishing the show, the binge-watchers scored the highest on a quiz about it, but after 140 days, they scored lower than the weekly viewers. They also reported enjoying the show less than did people who watched it once a day, or weekly.

Jeg unngår som oftest å se mer enn en episode pr. kveld for serier jeg virkelig har lyst å se, og helst ikke flere enn to i uka. Men noen ganger skeier man ut og ser på flere pr. dag eller flere enn to i uka. De forsvinner ofte fortere ut fra husken.